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1969 Ford Talladega








OWNER: Mick and Yvette


ENGINE: 428CJ with Holley 4-Barrel Carb.


HORSEPOWER: Factory Advertised 335hp (250kw)

440lb-ft (597Nm) Torque (but very Under-rated!!)


TRANSMISSION: 3 speed Ford C6 auto





Words by Mick & Yvette


With the success of the '68' season behind them Ford set about making sure that their NASCAR success continued into the '69' season and with the looming threat of the new 'Aerodynamic' Dodge Charger 500 it was clear that aerodynamics would play a large part in the success on the super speedways.

Fortunatley Ford had recognised the need to build a car that 'works' in the wind tunneland work was well underway by the end of the '68' season on producing Fords first 'Aero Warrior'. Ford special vehicles engineer Bill Holbrook worked over several monthes with assistance from Ralph Moody of Holman Moody fame, to build the '69' series winner "whatever the cost" Ford said.



The name 'Talladega' was given after the announcement of the new oval track in a sleepy town in Alabama called Talladega! So on Jan 6, 1969 the prototype was approved. The go ahead was given to build approx. 754 examples (min. 500 had to be built) of the car which was to be powered by the 428CJ V8 (race versions received the 429 Boss Motor).


Fortunately for Ford the car was a racing success and the Talladaga won every Super Speedway event (with the exception of 2) with leading driver David Pearson becoming NASCAR's Champion once again.




1970 was the last hurrah for Ford and the similarly equipped Mercury Cyclone as legislation effectively took them off the track.


Though only competing for 2 years the Talladega is still remembered as one of the most successful racing cars ever built!


Did you know, even though NASCAR and Mopar legend Richard Petty did not win the series during the only year that he did not compete in a Chrysler vehicle. He did in fact have his 100th NASCAR win behind the wheel of a Talladaga!












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