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1963/2003 Corvette Coupe


OWNER: Ross & Jan Spurling

Our goal from day one was to produce what we thought the '63 should look like today if GM ever saw to produce it.

Prodigy is a composite vehicle using a 2003 50th anniversary ZO6 Corvette and grafting an original C2 Stingray body on top of this C5 platform.

7000 hours were spent to build what you see here!







The original old Corvette has been modified to suit the C5 frame. The rear of the body has been widened 10inches, 6 inches at the doors and 8inches at the front. This greatly accentuates the coke bottle shape. Wheel arches have been radiused to suit the custom made wheels. The doors were lengthened 3inches and the shaped lower edges have been altered to fit new handmade sills to achieve sharp lines and reflect the contemporary feel we were striving for.

C5 door handles and mirrors were used, whilst the C2 door hinges remain. The doors have C5 internals.

Both the front and rear valances are custom designed and made to suit the look we were after. The grille is also a custom made item, vaguely reminiscent of stock, but like a lot of things on this car they resemble Popeye after downing his spinach!

Headlights retain the original buckets, but now have C5 headlight motors installed with modern HID lamps.

Handmade custom SPEARS were designed and made to suit the revised hood flutes as well as the flutes on the front guards.






Engine C5 ZO6, fitted with a Kenne Bell twin screw Supercharger.

Driveline stock C5 ZO6 configuration, featuring a torque tube design, with rear mounted 6 speed M12 Tremec.

Diff - 3:42 ratio Gertac

Clutch is an up rated Spec2 twin plate



Height and ride adjustable coil over suspension from Phatt Racing Developments

ZO6 - traction control system and active handling system


ZO6 Brake Calipers (2003), with drilled/slotted rotors.








Modern version of of the old design. Ian Splatt from Dragway Wheels produced a modern interpretation of the classic knock off wheels used in the 60's era.

The result - 1 unique set of billet wheels, 18 x 10s rear, 17x9s front.


We replicated the C2 twin pod design whilst keeping the C5 modern features.

At first glance it looks like a regular '63 interior, but really the only original items are the clock,speaker cover, and a chopped and modified glovebox door.

Seats are retrimmed C5 ZO6.








Words by Ross and Jan


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