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CORVETTE - Beauty Of The Beast



This DVD shows a Smorgasbord

of Beautiful yet tough Corvettes

spanning from C1s to C6s.

The DVD shows Corvettes

racing, driving and having fun.

Length is 46 minutes.

I'm sure if you are a Corvette

fan you wont want to miss

out on this DVD.

Hope you like the DVD and

I'm already planning the next!








About myself:

I have worked for a TV News network as a Cameraman (Videographer) / Editor for the

past 25 years.

I have a love and respect for Corvettes and other US/Australian Musclecars. I regularly

drive my Corvette and even race it occasionally!

So the combination of Cameras and Vettes became a natural progression.





International US$15 + postage/handling (usually just US$5)

Payment can be made through PayPal only at this stage for US/World buyers

Australia AU$15 + postage/handling

PayPal, Direct Bank Deposit and Personal/Bank cheque (sent once cheque clears)


Just email me your name, address, phone number and preferred method of payment (I'll get back to you ASAP!)


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Thank you, Andy

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