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Robnell Built, 1965 Shelby Cobra


Owner: Stefano

The Cobra is a factory built Robnell and was the 1990 Melbourne Motor Show car. The Robnell Cobras are said to be the "Rolls Royce" of replicas with several original style features on the body such as rear fender lips and internal style Roll cage. This is why I chose this brand


Totally stripped down to bare shell and completely rebuilt to 1965 Shelby specs. The car underwent a 3 year "complete makeover" and was completed 10pm Thursday 28th October 2007, shipped to the Australian Cobra Nationals Oct 29th and 30th and came home with 5 trophies including "Most original looking Cobra".


The car has been mistaken for an original quite a few times since it's completion. Some modifications are the 1965 SC dash layout with no glovebox, AC pedals, Motolita Steering wheel, Top Loader gearbox, Big Block 472 ci (slightly bigger than original), 8 inch Salisbury Limited Slip diff, Original side pipes, Original Pin Drive Halibrands with Goodyear Tyres, Oil cooler, Twin thermo fans at front of radiator, original style forward facing gear lever, Original tail lights and indicators, Tripod style headlights, you get the drift, attention to detail was not sacrificed.


Painted with racing stripes including rondells and "war paint" to complete its original look. I am very pleased the way it turned out and have received numerous compliments from all over the world including the United States where the replica industry is huge.

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